Greek “TIRNAVOS COOP” Distills (Tsipouro-Ouzo)

Origin: Tirnavos, Greece 

Description: The dominant grape variety in Tirnavos region is Muscat, from which top distills (tsipouro, ouzo) and award-winning wines are produced.

“Cooperative Of Tirnavos” traditional distillery is modern equipped and produces Tsipouro and Ouzo from its own vineyards under high international standards. Distilled spirits are gathered drop by drop and are known as the “Tear of Thessaly”. 

Specification: The main difference between tsipouro and ouzo is that Tsipouro has as its raw material the remains of winemaking, Ouzo on the other hand, is the blend of pure alcohol of agricultural origin with a wide variety of aromas, spices, fruits or plants


- Tsipouro, muscat grape variety is exclusively used to produce this amazing distillate

- “Aged Tsipouro”, produced by multiple distillations and aged in oak barrels

- “Stigma” tsipouro, with stains of crocus

- Ouzo, the fine worldwide known Greek distillate

Packaging: 0,05L / 0,10L / 0,20L / 0,35L / 0,7L / 2,0L and 5,0L

“Cooperative Of Tirnavos” also produce high quality, PGI and award-winning wines such as Retsina, Red and White.

Min order: 1 pallet (can be mixed with Tirnavos Coop wines)

* Transport dry