Greek Vinegar and Lemon Juice “MARI”

Origin:  Greece

Description: Vinegar 6° from Greek grapes and Lemon juice from natural lemons, from “Fruit Hellas” company. With 50 years experience in producing vinegar and lemon juice they offer a product ideal for Foodservice use as well as for every day home use.

Types: Red and white wine vinegar, lemon dressing and lemon juice.

Packaging: Vinegar – plastic bottles 400ml & 5Lt

                    Lemon juice – plastic bottles 360ml & 4Lt

Mn Order: 1 pallet

* Dry cargo

Greek Wine & Balsamic Vinegar “MESSINO”

Origin:  Peloponnese, Greece

Description: Vinegar 6° from Greek red and white wines. Aged in wooden barrels Balsamic vinegar from wine vinegar and concentrated must of excellent quality. In nice glass bottles with strong aroma and flavor. Just a few drops are enough to add a distinctive flavor in your food.

Types: Red vinegar, white vinegar, balsamic vinegar, white balsamic, balsamic with honey vinegar.

Packaging: glass bottles of 250ml, 500ml and servings of 50ml

Min Order: 1 pallet

* See also: Special crème balsamic vinegar “Messino”

* Dry cargo