Greek Agora Ltd is a modern and constantly growing company in food industry.

Our target is to meet the needs and demands of our customers, both in Greek and international food products, having as main concern the quality of the products, the right price and excellent service to our customers.

The constant presence of the people of our company in food industry (restaurants, trade) for over three decades, provided the necessary and crucial experience and expertise needed for the foundation of Greek Agora Ltd.   

Greek Agora Ltd started its operations, internationally promoting and exporting Greek food products, in collaboration with small Greek food companies and producers,.   

Listening to the needs of each one of our clients, we have established cooperation with leading food companies both in Greece and in other countries, which trusted us with the international promotion of their products, recognizing the potential of our company.   

Today, Greek Agora Ltd, has developed into an "International Market", with offices in 3 countries and customers in all continents, customers who can find every type of food they wish, in whatever packaging they want and order the quantity they need, having the assurance of high quality products and customer service.

All this in the best possible value for money.