Traditional Greek café Furniture

Origin: processed and packaged in Greece

Description: classic table and chair of traditional Greek café


- Metal 3-leg round table (diameter 60cm), Blue Color

- Wooden wicker chair, Blue Color

Set: 1 table + 2 chairs

Min order: 15 sets (possibility of adding extra chairs to sets)

* Transport dry 

Greek Traditional Tavern & Café Serving Items

Origin: made in Greece

Description: Traditional Greek serving items made from aluminum, brass or bronze. Items that were used for generations in Greek taverna and café.


- Wine carafes (250ml, 500ml, 1lt)

- Café serving disks (18/26/36 cm diam.)

- Coffee pots (1/2-3/3-4 coffees)

- Saganaki (fried cheese) Frying Pan

- Bread serving bowl

- Greek coffee cups (for 1/2/4 coffees)

Min order: 10 boxes

* Transport dry 

Wine Stands

Description: Stylish wooden wine stands in various styles.

Min order: 50 pcs

* Transport dry