Honey is considered one of the most valuable, nutritious and healthiest foods. Having it in our daily diet gives us vitality and contributes to a healthier and longer life.

Greece has a long tradition in apiculture and has more beehives per acre than any other country in Europe. Greek honey is very distinctive and is considered to be of the finest honey in the world. Over 7500 types of flower, 850 of them indigenous to the area, alog with the Greek sun and weather, give the Greek honey its divine blend of delicate floral fragrances and mellow sweetness.

Greek honeys are richer in aromatic substances as compared to other honeys. They have less humidity, which means they are denser and filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The original pure honey without additives, crystallize with time depending on storage conditions. If honey does not crystallize after some time, then it is a good indication that it contains other substances


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Greek 24-Karat Gold, Organic & Classic Honey "VASILISSA"

Origin: Greece

Description: Stayia Farm team is made up by savvy beekeepers who work hand-in-hand with nature and bees. The premium raw honeys they gather have highly distinctive flavor profiles which are bound to please even the most demanding foodie.

Stayia Farm also produces a very special honey blend, consisting of Greek purest Thyme honey and 24K pure edible Gold flakes. The result is an exceptional honey that brings together the nutritional and therapeutic value of honey with the high anti-oxidant action of edible gold.

Another innovation of Stayia Farm is a blend of honey with cocoa, resulting in a perfect for all ages spread. A combination of the two superfoods is a completely natural gluten free product with intense flavor and rich texture with no sugar or additives.


Premium Honey: with 24-Karat Edible Gold Flakes

Honey: Saffron, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mastic Of Chios, Lavender, Goji Berry, Cinnamon, Honeycomb, Heather & Wild Herbs, Fir, Thyme, Royal Jelly & Fresh Pollen

Super Bee: Oak, Strawberry, Cotton

Honey Blends: with Cocoa, Cocoa & Banana, Cocoa & Strawberry

Packaging: 250gr, 260gr, 300gr, 460gr glass jar

Min order: 15 boxes

* Dry cargo 

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Greek Organic Honey & Bee Products "AXION ESTI"

Origin: Greece

Description: "Axion esti" is an organic honey of exceptional quality and taste. It comes from bees feeding on the fertile lands and forests of Peloponnese. All "Axion Esti" honeys adhere to international and organic standards.


- Organic Honey: Flowers, Thyme, Forest, Fir, Chestnut, Koumaria, Orange blossom, with Honey Comb

- Honey-Superfood: Bee Pollen, Propolis, Safran

- Organic Bee Products: Bee Pollen, Honeycomb, Royal Jelly

- Natural Soap: with organic honey, organic propolis, organic royal jelly, lavender

Packaging: 250gr, 450gr, 800gr glass jar

Min order: ½ pallet (mix)

* Dry cargo