Traditional Greek Syrup Sweets

Origin: Greece

Description: Worldwide known syrup sweets produced according to traditional Greek recipes. Greek syrup sweets combine different flavors and ingredients resulting in a unique experience on each individual sweet. Their ingredients range in a wide variety including combinations of fillo pastry, nuts, dough, fruits, pastry and a variety of unique syrups.

  Specification: All products adhere to high international standards such as, ISO and HACCP.


-Baklavas: Puff pastry filled with crushed almonds, buttered with whole free grazing cow butter for a rich organic taste.

-Κataifi : Wiry shreds of pastry, filled with dried nuts, immersed in syrup.

-Ekmek Kataifi : Base of kataifi filo pastry, topped with vanilla, cream and grated dried nuts.

 -Saragli: A single filo dough slathered with melted butter and a mix of coarsely chopped walnuts, ground cinnamon and sugar is placed along its short end where it’s wrinkled and creased.

-Walnut cake: rich in walnuts, rose and cinnamon, immersed in thick rich syrup.

-Orange cake: cake with refreshing natural orange juice and original Greek strained yogurt.

-Revani : A moist semolina cake with nutty texture, combining  Greek yogurt and natural orange juice in light syrup.

Packaging: bulk or retail 

Min order: 1 pallet (mixed)

* Frozen cargo