Greek Desserts & Confectionery Products "Jotis"

Origin: Greece

Description: Internationally awarded greek Dessert & Confectionery Products from Jotis SA.

Jotis SA is the first company in Greece to market Farina, the first self-raising flour, the first instant Fruit Jelly, the first ready-to-make cake mix and dessert mix.

Specifications: In Jotis company, quality control and food safety is ensured by the existence of an independent quality control department, which is under the factory management. Production is based on international standards ISO and HACCP.


- Kit Desserts : DumplingMix, Chocolate Cake Mix, Cheesecake Mix, Millefeule mix etc

- Desserts : Instant Rice Pudding Mix, Crème Caramel Mix, Vanilla Pudding Mix etc

- Confectionary : Couverture Chocolate, Granulated Chocolate, Crème Patisserie etc

- Cooking : Béchamel Sauce, Baking Powder, Farina shelf-rising flour, Yeast, Mashed Potatoes mix etc

Min order: 1 pallet mixed

* transport dry