Octopus (Morocco & Chilean)

Origin: fished in FAO 41, packaged in Spain

Latin Name: Octopus Vulgaris (Morocco), Octopus Mimus (Chilean)

Specification: Available raw or cooked (whole or tentacles)

Size: T-2 (3/4Kg), T-3 (2/3Kg), T-4 (1,5/2Kg), T-5 (1,2/1,5Kg), T-6 (0,8/1,2Kg)

Packaging: Tray IQF/IWP, Flower IQF (IWP possible)

Min order: 1 pallet (mixed)

* Transport frozen

Cooked Octopus

Description: High quality octopus cooked and packed in either plastic trays or vacuum bags to ensure its lasting quality and flavor.

Types: Cooked octopus tentacles in trays or vacuum, cooked octopus sliced in tray or vacuum, cooked octopus carpaccio in vacuum

Specifications: Certifications: ISO, HACCP, GOST, LISTA MARCO, HALAL

Packaging:  500gr/150gr in trays, 600gr/80gr in vacuum

Min Order: 1 pallet (mix with Seafood in oil & seafood burgers) 

* Transport frozen