Greek Traditional Cretan Pies

Origin: Greece, Crete
Description: Slowly fermented with aromatic dough and kneaded with extra virgin  olive oil resulting in a low fat product, these pies combine a variety of different flavors varying from meat, cheese, vegetables, herbs and greens resulting in unique meals. Amongst them is the world famous Sfakiani pita or Sfakianopita that is a unique combination of a desert and a snack. A thin delicate dough ,reminiscing that of a crepe, that is filled with Cretan Mizithra cheese and usually honey dripped on top. All of the pies are 95% baked and need only defrosting.

- Sfakiani pita : Traditional Cretan pie with local soft cheese with a unique salty-sour taste.
- Voskopita: Traditional Cretan pie with amazing thin dough, filled with homemade mixtures.
- Gyropita: Traditional Cretan pies with strong similarity to “souvlaki”(pita bread), stuffed with Greek pork or chicken gyros, feta cheese, tomato, parsley, herbs and spices.
- Focaccia: Authentic Italian style dough, in a wide variety of flavors.

Specifications : All products adhere to high international standards such as, ISO and HACCP.

Packaging: bulk and retail

Min Order: 1 pallet (mix)

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Traditional Cretan Appetizers

Origin: Greece, Crete

Description: Some particular bakery products including recipes with butter dough , smooth cheese, applepaste, cheese, greens and herbs, fruits, nuts and combinations of them as well as some of the famous Cretan rusks.


- Kaltsouni: Traditional Cretan treat with butter dough and local smooth soft cheese or applepaste.
-Kaltsouni fried or baked: Traditional Cretan mini pies with thin dough, filled with cheese or greens.
-Striftari: Traditional Cretan small brioche treats in several wonderful tastes
-Kserotigana: Traditional Cretan fried treats with honey and almonds
-Kritharokouloura and small dakos: The world wide known traditional Cretan rusks with authentic flavor and high fiber content

Specifications : All products adhere to high international standards such as, ISO and HACCP.

Packaging: bulk and retail

Min Order: 1 pallet (mix)

* Transport frozen


Greek Appetizers From Euboea

Origin: Euboea, Greece

Description: Appetizers from Euboea, using local raw materials and traditional recipes to produce dough based delicacies. Apart from more known recipes such a Cheese and Spinach pie, there are some more particular ones such as Tiropitari and Tiganopsomo.
Both very similar to their structure, that being fried dough with the addition of spices and cheese. Tiganopsomo is mainly fried dough while Tiropitari is covered with one or more layers of puff pastry.


- Tiropitari (fried dough with cheese covered in puff pastry)

- Tiganopsomo (fried dough with cheese)

- Spinach Pie
- Cheese Pie

- Spinach & Cheese Pie

- Flogera (with ham & cheese, Feta & bacon, pastourma)

Specifications: All products adhere to high international ISO standards

Packaging: bulk and retail

Min Order: 1 pallet (mix)

* Transport Frozen