Traditional Greek pre-cooked Dishes

Origin: Greece

Description: Greek cuisine has a culinary tradition of some 4,000 years and is a part of the history and culture of Greece. Greek cookery makes wide use of vegetables, olive oil, olives, grains, meat, herbs.

Most popular Greek dishes are included, such as Moussaka, Pastichio, Stuffed Vegetables, Green beans, Imam and traditional soups such as Bean, Lentil and Chickpea soup.

Products need only a few minutes heating and they are ready to eat.

Available frozen with shelf-life 9 months or fresh with shelf-life 35 days.

Specification: Production process under highest international standards as ISO 9001-2000/22000, HACCP, IFS

Products are packaged in a protective atmosphere plastic container sealed with PET film and lid. They are NOT canned.

Packaging: individual portions +- 350gr or professional packs of 2,5kg.

Min order: 1 pallet mixed

* Transport freezer

Traditional Greek “Patsas Soup” (Tripe soup)

Origin: Greece

Description: We present to you the following innovative Traditional Greek products: “Patsas Soup” (classic, country-style, foot, belly), “Boiled Goat Soup”, “Vealhead Soup”

Patsas Soup is made from certified pork parts and is a common traditional dish in Greek cuisine.
It is widely considered to be a hangover remedy as well as a perfect winter dish.

Ready to eat in 5-10min, by oven or microwave heating.

SpecificationCertified by quality international standards.

It is packaged by fast-freezing method, so that to keep all taste and ingredients intact.

Packaging: Packaged in eye-catching 400gr plastic microwavable tray(24pcs/box).

Also available in 2Kg bulk vacuum with easy to separate 4-6 portions, so that you do not need to de-freeze the whole 2Kg block.

Min order: 20 boxes

* Transport freezer


Greek Fried Eggplants Ready-To-Use

Origin: Xanthi, Greece

Description: Greek frozen eggplants pre-grilled and ready to use in various cooking recipes, available grilled or roasted, in slices or half. They are grown, harvested and packaged in accordance with the highest international standard, resulting in high quality and exceptional taste final product.

Specification: ISO 9001, 22000

Types: Slices, Cut in half

Packaging: 5kg box (80 boxes/europallet)

Min order: 1 pallet 

* Transport frozen