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Greek Pistachio (Eginis variety)

Origin: Greece

Description: Pistachio is one of the best quality and tastiest nuts. It is consumed baked & salted or unsalted fresh.

One of the best varieties in the world is cultivated in Greece. The famous Eginis pistachios (Pistacia vera). To a lesser extent variety Nychati is cultivated. The pistachio cultivation in recent years apart from Egina, Salamis and Megara, which was traditionally pistachio-producing areas expanded in Fthiotida, Thessaly, Boeotia and Euboea.

Specification: High in nutritional value, rich in biotin, protein and minerals. Nutritional analysis indicates that Greek pistachio with 49% unsaturated fatty acids, is incomparably healthier than most of the common international pistachio varieties.

Pistachio contains high amount of potassium, which helps the body by lowering levels of stress hormone, cortisol, more than any other nut.

Pistachio consumption helps to reduce cholesterol and the risk of cancer. They consist an excellent source of phytosterols, which reduces "bad" cholesterol levels and are high in antioxidants (beta-carotene, lutein, etc.)

Types: Raw pistachio with half open shell, roasted & salted pistachio with half open shell, kernel (without shell) whole or chopped

Packaging: retail bags of 35/100/200/250/500gr, bulk in boxes of 25 kg

Min order: 1 pallet (mix)

* Dry cargo