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Greek Tea “Odyssey”

Origin: Greece

Description: Tea blends from Greek natural dried herbs, without preservatives and artificial colors. Available in a variety of flavors, from organic herbs, dried fruits and flowers that derive their names from Homer’s Tales.

 “Odyssey” tea blends are internationally awarded for their taste and health benefits as they help in gastrointestinal problems, mild inflammations of the oral and pharyngeal mucosa ad many others.

They are rich in vitamins, anti-oxidant and anti flamatory that strengthen the immune system and increases metabolism rates.

All pyramid teabags are biodegradable.


Sirens (tropical fruit tea)

Poseidon (organic Greek mountain test with citrus fruits)

Suitors (blended tea with herbs, fruits & spices)

Aelous (Organic Greek mountain tea)

Ithaca (blend of 4 Greek herbs)

Calypso (organic Lemon Verbena)

Circe (Blend of 5 Greek herbs)

Penelope (Organic chamomile)

Cyclops (blend of 5 Greek herbs)

Nausica (organic peppermint)

Specification: All products adhere high international standards from ISO, BIO and HACCP.

Packaging: Tin can (20 pcs), Box (20 pcs ), Box (10 pcs), Bag (50pcs)

Min order: 1 pallet (mixed)

* Transport dry cargo