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Greek Candy “VIAP MENTEL”

Origin: Greece

Description: Various candies that satisfy all tastes, such as pastilles made from arabic gum, essences and pure ingredients, chocolate products such as chocolate truffles and chocolate olives and Dragees  with chocolate and dried nuts.

VIAP MENTEL has a 2-generation tradition in the Greek candy market. Founded in 1956, is the undisputed leader in the Arabian gum products, and has been successfully expanded into the chocolate market.


Pastilles: With Eucalyptus and Menthol, aromatic, fruit, cinnamon, Chios mastic e.t.c.

Marshmallow: White, silk, pink, mixed

Chocolates: Truffles, almonds and hazelnuts, chocolate pebbles, etc.

Dragees: with chocolate milk, with black chocolate, almond with white chocolate, silver dragees

Packaging: 45-130 gr

Specifications: Certified by ISO 22000

Min order: 1 pallet (mix)